What’s Happening at Level One

01/11/2016 Level One

Things change.

Often for the better!

We thought we would update you with what has been happening at Level One of late.

If you have been into the office recently, you will know that we have completely renovated our two suites. In addition to the new coat of paint on the outside of the building, our working environment has improved immeasurably.

On the staff front, we have also had some significant changes.

  • Michelle Jolliffe (nee Stenhouse) (CA) returned to Level One in 2015. Michelle had previously been with the firm for over 7 years. After a 3 year hiatus in Melbourne, she has returned to us as Practice & Business Services Manager.
  • Recent departures include Ben Phipps and Belinda Mellows.  Ben and his partner have relocated to the UK for 3 years to travel and work abroad. Belinda took up an internal position with one of our larger clients with whom we have a very close relationship.
  • Sue Taylor (CPA) has recently joined us as an Associate of the firm and Business Services Manager.  Sue will oversee both our tax and business services teams going forward. Sue has over 19 years’ experience (10 with PWC, formerly Price Waterhouse Coopers, in Sydney) providing advice to individuals and private business owners.
  • Martin Parnell (CA) – Business Services – is our most recent recruit. Martin has over 4 years’ experience (3 of which were with Deloitte in Sydney).
  • Sonia Strano has joined our team as a bookkeeper, bringing with her over 15 years of experience.
  • Keanu Paisley-Topp is an undergraduate accountant, currently studying his first year at university, after serving in the Australian Defence Force for 12 months upon leaving school.
  • At reception, we welcome Julie Horton who is joining the team after dedicating over 26 years to Hatch Pty Ltd (previously BHP Engineering).  Julie has a wealth of experience including database and document management systems.
  • Nicole Burns is expecting her first child and will shortly be taking maternity leave for 12 months. Most importantly, Nicole will be back!!  While Nicole is busy being a new mum, Julie will cover our reception and when Nicole returns in 12 months, she and Julie will job share.

Importantly, the tried and tested team below keep marching on:

  • Christine Lapkiw (CA) – Senior Associate Business Services – 26 years’ experience, 17 years with Level One
  • Joanne Douglas (CFP) – Financial Planning – 17 years’ experience, 12 years with Level One
  • Nicole Burns – Administration – 17 years’ experience, 12 years with Level One
  • Diana Spaleta – Business Services – 27 years’ experience, 8 years with Level One
  • Danae Lacey (CFP) – Financial Planning – 11 years’ experience, 5 years with Level One
  • Robyn McLean – Administration – 3 years with Level One
  • Georgia Thompson – Business Services – 2 years with Level One

In addition to these changes, we are improving our computer software systems and transitioning to a “lot less paper” environment.

So whilst there has and will be continued changes within the firm, they are positive changes designed to improve our service quality and construct a solid basis upon which the firm can grow going forward.

All the very best.

Doug Tarrant


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