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01/12/2010 Level One

Are you making the right moves?


Our experienced Financial Planners will review your current superannuation arrangements, and advise to whether  you are on track to meet your future needs.  We will help you understand the various options you have, and answer your questions about Industry Funds, Master Funds and Self Managed Superannuation Funds. Perhaps your superannuation funds are currently invested in a portfolio selected by your employer, or a default portfolio selected by your superannuation fund. We will review your current portfolio, and help you make an investment selection, which manages the level of risk you are comfortable with.

Retirement Planning

Did you know that something as simple as the date on which you retire can have a significant impact on your cash flow in your first your of retirement. Whether you plan to retire in thirty years or in the very near future, you need to question whether you have the best strategies in place to maintain a lifestyle you’re comfortable with, upon retiring. How much do you have now? How much will you need in retirement? Our team will work with you to build strategies to bridge the gap. We will ensure you are fully informed when it comes to your use of property investments, superannuation or other alternative investments which may better suit your needs and personal situation. Estate Planning

Your working life is long, and you work hard to build a collection of assets of which you are immensely proud. You know that your loved ones will be well taken care of when you die, though that is a long way off, you hope. Sometimes, estate planning can be as simple as leaving everything to your spouse. However these days, estate planning can be incredibly complex, there are previous relationships which need to be considered, and dependants from previous relationships. Tax Treatment on inherited assets varies, depending on the recipient. Although you’re sure your family will work it all out ‘in the end’ why not ensure your estate is distributed without any further trauma suffered by your loved ones. Our in-house tax advisers will work closely with your Financial Planner, to ensure you are given adequate advice in the area.

Wealth Accumulation

Many people overlook the power of the simple budget. On the other hand, many people aren’t quite sure how a budget even works. Let us work with you to improve you understanding of your current situation, and get your financial situation under control. Once you have a full understanding of where you are now, and where you want to be, we can look at such options as a simple savings plan, additional superannuation contributions, property, shares, gearing. There are many options available to you to help you grow your wealth, we just need to work together to find the best solutions for your situation.

Gearing & Finance Unfortunately, gearing and debt has become a popular topic of conversation at BBQ’s across the country. A lot of bad financial advice had been inadvertently given, by personal investors, to other personal investors across flaming sausages. Understanding good debt, bad debt, and how debt will work for, or potentially against you, is absolutely critical. Your friendly neighbour has wonderful intentions when the tell you about their investment properties are ‘negatively geared’, and how they’re ‘saving thousands on tax and you can to!’, however, it’s likely that they don’t have a thorough understanding of your financial position, income and all the other variables which must be considered when looking at gearing strategies and the use of debt. If you were to try the same strategy as them, you could possibly lose thousands.

Personal Insurances Investment properties have become increasingly popular, particularly over the last ten years. Various grants by Governments past and present, low interest rates, low and no doc loans, and a generally competitive lending environment, have propelled the popularity of the investment property, and made the investment property a very realistic option for investors, regardless of age and background.  Unfortunately, the aforementioned BBQ Adviser has resulted in many individuals throwing themselves into the property market without seeding suitable financial advice. For example, consideration should be given to the structure under which you acquire the property, as this will ultimately impact on income tax rates, land tax, capital gains tax, GST and asset protection considerations. Where an acquaintance purchased their property in joint names with their spouse, a more suitable strategy for you may be to purchase a property through a Family Trust, or perhaps a Self Managed Superannuation Fund. Our experienced team could save you many thousands of dollars should you decide to follow the Investment Property path.

Direct Shares While not everybody’s cup of tea, a direct share investment can help maintain a well diversified investment portfolio. We ensure our clients have a thorough understanding of where their funds are currently invested, whether it be in quality blue chip companies, or speculative risk taking businesses. We recommend diversified portfolios, containing thoroughly researched, quality blue chip stocks which pay strong dividends. Our regular review of your portfolio and your personal situation, ensure a sensible balance is maintained throughout the life of your investment.


Should you take a redundancy? Can you afford to take it? Can you afford not to take it What are the tax and Centrelink ramifications? Facing a significant change in your working life can be extremely traumatic. We can help you be analysing your situation, and assisting you in the decision making process. Be informed, and comfortable with your final decision.


Dealing with Centrelink can, for some be quite an intimidating experience. Understanding the myriad of rules, and then wading through all the paperwork is a daunting prospect for most. Let us advise you on your entitlements. We can help with paperwork and we can advise you how best to optimise your position.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s)

Our area of specialty since 1994. SMSF’s are the fastest growing sector of the superannuation industry with over 420,000 funds now in existence nationwide. YOU select the investment strategy, with guidance from your qualified Financial Adviser. Having complete control of your superannuation with transparency on costs, provides a lot of peace of mind.

Tax Planning

Income tax, capital gains tax, land tax, franking credits, superannuation, gearing, trusts….. and this list goes on. Really, your investments, and generally speaking, your financial affairs, should be viewed as a business. As with any business, taxation is usually one of the most significant overheads. Our in-house tax advisers will work closely with your Financial Planner to minimise tax payable. Minimising tax payable, will obviously, ultimately improve your final position. And that is our business. Taking you through a structured financial journey, with an improved final position.


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