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03/04/2014 Level One

Most employees in NSW who work for the same employer for ten consecutive years are entitled to two months paid long service leave.

The building and construction industry has its own portable long service scheme that pays benefits to eligible building and construction workers for their service to the industry, rather than their service to one employer. Self-employed workers who perform building and construction work in NSW are eligible to join the scheme.

A self-employed worker for the scheme purposes is a worker who does not receive a PAYG payment Summary Individual Non-business i.e. a group certificate from an employer. These workers include:

  • Subcontractors;
  • Sole traders;
  • Partners in a partnership;
  • Workers who receive a distribution or a dividend from a trust.

You have to be working “on the tools” to be eligible. Self-employed supervisors, managers, clerical/administrative employees, and members of partnerships who are not actually performing building and construction work are not eligible to register or record service.

The scheme is operated by the Long Service Corporation; a NSW Government agency.

There are no fees or charges to belong the scheme as the scheme is funded by a levy paid by property developers and owners, based on the cost of the building work they are undertaking.

If you are a self-employed worker in the Building and Construction industry and want to know more about the scheme or details on how to register, this information can be found by visiting the Long Service Corporation website www.longservice.nsw.gov.au.

Alternatively you can contact us and we can provide you with advice and assistance.


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