Age Pension Rates

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20/10/2014 Level One

New Age Pension rates and Income and Asset Test thresholds took effect from 20th September 2014. Current rates and thresholds are set out in the tables below:

Family SituationRate (per fortnight)
Couple (each)$644.00


Asset Test Thresholds

Family SituationAsset Test Lower Threshold
(Full Age Pension Payable)
Asset Test Cut Off Threshold
(No Age Pension Payable)
Single Homeowner$202,000$771,750
Single Non-Homeowner$348,500$918,250
Couple Homeowner (combined)$286,500$1,145,500
Couple Non-Homeowner (combined)$433,000$1,292,000
Illness Separated Couple, homeowner$286,500$1,426,000
Illness Separated Couple, non-homeowner$433,000$1,572,500


Income Test Thresholds

Family SituationIncome Test Lower Threshold
(Full Age Pension Payable)
Income Cut Off Threshold
(No Age Pension Payable)
Single$160 per fortnight$1,868.60 per fortnight
Couple (combined)$284 per fortnight$2,860.00 per fortnight
Illness Separated Couple, non-homeowner$284 per fortnight$3,701.20 per fortnight


Commonwealth Seniors Healthcare Card (available to persons over age 65)

The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card is subject to an adjusted taxable income test. There is no assets test. To be eligible you need to have an annual adjusted taxable income of less than:

  • $51,500 (singles)
  • $82,400 (couples, combined), or
  • $103,000 (couples, combined, separated by illness)

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